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Donna needed multiple oral surgery procedures, but was apprehensive about treatment. Dr. Coles and his team were consummate professionals and provided sincere care at every step.

Donna had a bone graft in Tucson, AZ

Donna's Story

"I had multiple things going on. I have a very unusual bite, a difficult root system, multiple canals. I've always been extremely apprehensive in the chair, and it's lessened, I would say, 110% since coming to this group of people. With Dr. Coles, he listened. He's like, "No matter what, you are not going to feel any pain, or we're going to find another avenue." These guys have never strayed from being the consummate professionals that they are. It's been a great, great relationship, not only just because of the great work that Dr. Coles does but everybody in the staff. From the minute you hit the door, they treat you with respect, and it's always a very calm environment. I just appreciate the communication and just the care — it's very sincere. I have had multiple issues, I've lived in other parts of the country, and these guys I would recommend 150%."

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