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Rebecca saw Dr. Wood for treatment because she wanted an expert who specializes in oral surgery. She felt safe in Dr. Wood’s hands and her procedure and recovery both went smoothly.

Rebecca had her wisdom teeth removed in Oro Valley, AZ

Rebecca's Story

"I actually had a party and had family and friends there, and then after they left, I had picked up an almond and ate it, and it cracked my wisdom tooth. I came because I wanted someone that — I could have gone to my own dentist, and he's good for, say, just cleaning and the regular routine things, but there's some times in your life you really want somebody that specializes. I heard good things about Dr. Wood. Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do, but if you have to go, Dr. Wood is the best place, in my opinion, to go to. From the time I entered their office, greeted their friendly staff, they really made me feel comfortable and at home. I felt very safe in Dr. Wood's hands, and when I left, I'm glad it was over, but it really was a good experience, and then the follow-up was great too, so I highly recommend it."

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