Meet Jordyn

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Jordyn was scared that having teeth extracted would hurt, but Dr. Wood made her feel relaxed and reassured her that everything would be just fine. He even gave her a squishy toy to help comfort her.

Jordyn had a tooth extraction in Tucson, AZ

Jordyn's Story

"I came to Arizona Oral Surgeons because my mom wanted me to have better teeth than they were. My teeth were really crooked, and my baby teeth wouldn't fall out, so he pulled them out for me. I was scared that it was going to hurt. He talked me through; he gave me a little ball to squish on, but I also fell asleep. Dr. Wood is a really good doctor. He helped me get through my fears of when he pulled my teeth. I would say go to Dr. Wood because Dr. Wood would pull out your teeth, and it wouldn't hurt because you'd be asleep."

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