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Lina enjoys coming here for treatment because Dr. Coles helps her maintain a natural appearance without seeming frozen. She always has fantastic results after seeing Dr. Coles.

Lina visited Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Lina's Story

"As an esthetician coming to Arizona Oral Surgeons, I really like coming here for . . . the cleanliness, and I really feel like the doctors know what they're doing, so I'm always comfortable as opposed to going anywhere in town that I might not necessarily trust. Well, I like BOTOX® and Juvéderm® because I use it more as preventative, and I like to look natural and not frozen, and the doctor always does a really good job with that. I always look forward to my appointment, because I know within a few days, my skin's going to look more youthful. I really like coming to see Dr. Coles because he always gives me his expert advice on what he thinks I need without going overboard. I mean, if you do want to look frozen, they'll absolutely do that for you. But, I prefer to look natural, so you do not have to look frozen at all. You definitely can have movement in your face without even looking like you had BOTOX®. I would absolutely recommend people coming to Arizona Oral Surgeons."

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