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Dr. Robinson-Rabe refers patients to this office because they are excellent surgeons. She has great trust in their expertise and appreciates that Dr. Coles is bilingual to care for more patients.

Dr. Robinson refers her patients to Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Robinson-Rabe's Story

"I have a really good relationship with both the doctors. And probably most importantly, they're really great with the patients. They're very, very good surgeons, and so I have a lot of trust in them. In orthodontics, we refer a lot of types of cases — mostly, I'd say, wisdom teeth extractions are probably the most common thing that we refer out. The other big thing that we refer out is orthognathic surgery, and so those are both things that we have to work together on and communicate a lot about — the impacted teeth. Dr. Coles is a very, very nice guy. He's a family man. One thing I think is really great that Dr. Coles does that maybe not everyone knows is he's extremely fluent in Spanish, which I think is huge for the Tucson community. Dr. Wood is very, very genuine. He's an amazing surgeon. He has a lot of experience, and he's very, extremely — if you asked anybody — thorough, which I think is important. I absolutely plan to continue referring patients to Arizona Oral Surgery."

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