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Dr. Arias considers this office an extension of her practice. This team shares a patient-focused philosophy and always takes into consideration a patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Arias refers her patients to Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Arias' Story

"First and foremost is the quality of care that my patients receive. Second is the philosophy of care that they provide that is very similar to mine. And thirdly, it is the fact that they respect patients' autonomy; even though I may make a recommendation, they always review the recommendations — the options that the patients have — and allow the patients to make their own decisions. It's almost like an extension of my practice for services that I am not providing, so it's very fluent in the way that I will refer a patient — the communication that I receive after a patient has had an evaluation with very specific information. Their office is very supportive when my staff has questions that I have given to them regarding a patient, so the feedback is just back and forth, and it's so easy. I definitely plan on continuing my relationship with Arizona Oral Surgeons. Like I said, the fluidity of the relationship that we have is just fabulous. They couldn't make it any easier."

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