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Dr. Donley has referred patients to this office since he finished dental school and has experienced total success. His patients always have wonderful feedback about this team.

Dr. Donley refers his patients to Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Donley's Story

"Dr. Coles and Dr. Wood are just wonderful to work with. I've used them since I've come out of dental school, had nothing but success, wonderful patient reviews and feedback. We refer a lot of third molar extractions, lesions that need biopsy, a lot of our — almost all of our — implant cases. With me being a pediatric dentist, they're wonderful with referring the small kids for the different treatment and stuff that they need also. The level of communication is great, and it works really well for the patients. It gives them a more comprehensive care. You're assured that they're getting the best treatment possible. We definitely will continue to refer our patients to AZOMS. They're our number one choice for all of our oral surgery needs. "

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