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Dr. Schumer refers his patients here with total confidence. He enjoys working with the doctors here and collaborating in order to provide exceptional care for his patients.

Dr. Schumer refers his patients to Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Schumer's Story

"I refer to Arizona Oral Surgeons because I know, like me, they will take care of my patients the best they possibly can, and I have no worries anytime I send patients over there. I refer pretty much all types of oral surgery — extractions, third molars, full-arch cases, implants — anything you would think oral surgery-related, they can handle for me. Many times, I've actually met with the patients and the doctors at the same time, in the same office, to eliminate any questions when we have larger cases that might be problematic if not treated carefully. Dr. Coles and Dr. Wood are both great, very knowledgeable. I have pure confidence in either one of them. They're always there to answer my questions, whether it be clinical, dental-related, medical-related. It's just a great combination of teamwork between us and them. I always plan on referring to Dr. Coles and Dr. Wood. I refer my family here. It's important for me to know that they're being taken care of. They're very honest. They don't over treatment plan. They're just great all around."

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