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Dr. Weaver refers patients to Dr. Wood and Dr. Coles to create treatment plans and care for patients. He finds the surgeons here to be gifted, trustworthy, and dedicated to their specialty.

Dr. Weaver refers his patients to Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Weaver's Story

"Bob Wood and Nick Coles are very gifted and talented surgeons. And as being a leader in the orthodontic field in Tucson, Arizona, we need to have a team of gifted surgeons, and these guys are the best. The patients love them. We send patients here to have teeth extractions. Well, it's important to treatment plan together. Obviously, it's a multi-discipline field. We need the general dentist, we need the oral surgeon, we need the orthodontist all on the same page to assure the best results at the end. I hope as a patient — if you're looking at this as a patient or another professional — that you can trust these people. They're very trustworthy and loving and really will do the best job for you."

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