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Cynthia was fearful to have a tooth extracted and in the hands of Dr. Wood, she did not feel a moment of anxiety or discomfort. Dr. Wood and his team have elevated the standard of medical care.

Cynthia had her wisdom tooth removed in Tucson, AZ

Cynthia's Story

"I was referred by my dentist, so I just decided to try it. I had had kind of a traumatic extraction. I was really fearful, and I really wanted to get it done, and I wanted somebody to help me. I can truly say I did not feel a moment of anxiety or pain. I couldn't believe how easy it was, and I didn't ever think I'd ever say the word "easy" associated with a dental procedure. They called me and asked me how I was doing, and I didn't think doctors still did that. I really felt like Dr. Wood and his staff gave me a standard of what to expect from medical care, and I will forever compare everything else to how I was treated in his practice. I think he set a very high level of compassion, and that's what I want in medical care. I want not only the expertise but the compassion."

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