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Wisdom teeth removal was the first surgical procedure Danielle had ever experienced. Dr. Wood calmed her nerves and supported her at every step.

Danielle had her wisdom teeth removed in Tucson, AZ

Danielle's Story

"I came to Arizona Oral Surgeons because I had another friend who went here before, and he had a really good experience with it, so it made the process easier. I needed to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and so I had all four of them that needed to be removed. When I found out I needed to have them taken out, I was really nervous because I had never had any other type of surgery or anything like that before, so it was really scary for me at first. They were really, really welcoming when I came in, and they walked me through it and explained everything that was going to happen, and my mom was able to come back with me too, so it just all made it really simple. My procedure went really well. I don't really remember a whole lot after it, but when I was going in, I was really scared and they gave me a blanket, and they sat there with me and were very calm about it. My recovery was pretty good. Dr. Wood was really awesome because he called a few times and saw how I was doing. I would definitely recommend Arizona Oral Surgeons. It was a really good experience for me, and I don't think it could have gone any better."

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