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Dr. Wood was comforting and walked Nick through the wisdom teeth removal process. The staff’s friendliness and eagerness to help made Nick feel like a part of the family.

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Nick's Story

"My wisdom teeth were irritating me really bad; I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Wood's very energetic. He's high energy but very comforting to talk to. He walks you through the whole process. He's very informational with everything, and he's just a fun, easygoing guy. I was nervous about the pain, the procedure, what was involved, the aftercare, but everybody here made it really easy and comfortable. For the procedure, we came in, they put me under right away, made it very quick, noninvasive. It was painless. And when I got out, the staff was very, very comforting. They called me to check up on me, asked me how everything was going, how I was feeling, what they could do for me, if anything. I felt very — I don't know how you put it — like part of the family. Arizona Oral Surgery is definitely a place that I would recommend."

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