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Tammy underwent an extraction, bone graft, and dental implant to replace an infected tooth. Dr. Wood had a great sense of humor and guided her throughout the whole process.

Tammy got a bone graft in Oro Valley, AZ

Tammy's Story

"I had a very old root canal and crown, and when the crown was replaced, the replacement actually cracked some of my bone that was still underneath, causing a lot of pain and infection. I was referred, and within a day, Dr. Wood saw me. He did the extraction and the bone graft, and then about six months later, I was able to get the implant. Dr. Wood — he’s very patient, he’s very kind, he’s gentle, and he has one heck of a sense of humor. The team here is fantastic, friendly, helpful. They guide you through the process, they lead you, they answer your questions. If anyone in Oro Valley or Tucson needs oral surgery, I would highly recommend AZOMS."

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